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  1. monster
  2. October 23, 2011 3:11 am

The Best Snowbaord Bindings HANDS DOWN are Flow Bindings.  Flow is the “Largest” binding company in the world……      It is no surprise that the best snwoboard bindings are produced by Flow because of their superior patented  technology, high quality construction and responsiveness.   This binding has proven to be effective and.. pretty much on every snowboard competition podium last year there was a rider using Flow bindings which say a lot! 

Flow have three major key components that NO OTHER BINDING CAN OFFER…. 

  1. A true reclining highback that allows riders to simply recline the back of the binding down to easy slip their foot in and easily recline the hiback up into a locked position.  (For you moms out there…. they are Completely safe and proven flawless since 1996)
  2. They are the ONLY company that offers a once piece top strap (no old fasion two strap system).  This patent one piece top strap dispurses the tension releaving preassure on the foot and adds responsiveness as well.  The 3D shape automatically adapts to every type of boot and foot, and gives the rider more power and support in toeside turns compared to two-strap designs.
  3. The Power Triangle.   Flow’s PowerTriangle links the hiback directly to the center area of  the baseplate with a high-tension steel cable,  creating a structurally powerful and very responsive triangular geometry.  As a result you will have more control with no energy loss and less weight than any other binding design on the market.

To buy the best snowboard bindings ever either click on a link below or find the best snowboard bindng for you through our navigation bar at the top of our website.

Men’s Bindings Women’s Bindings
Flow NXT-FRX Flow Prima-SE
Flow NXT-FSE Flow Minx-SE
Flow NXT-ATSE Flow Muse
Flow NXT-AT Flow Flite 2W
Flow M11  
Flow M9-SE  
Flow M9  
Flow The Five-SE  
Flow The Five  
Flow Quattro-SE  
Flow Trilogy  
Flow Flite 2  
Flow Flite 1  


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