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Flow M9-SE Bindings Reviews Best Prices Technical Specs

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  2. November 20, 2011 11:27 pm

Flow M9-SE Bindings Reviews Best Prices Technical Specs

Flow M9-SE Bindings

Flow is now the #1 selling binding in the world! With it’s patented technologies (one piece top strap, reclining highback and power triangle) It’s no wonder they are leaps and bounds above the entire snowboard binding market!

As snowboard product experts it is hard not to be bias towards the entire Flow brand. This year they are definitely building the highest quality snowboards, snowboard bindings and snowboard boots!

Flow M9-SE  Snowboard Bindings 2012: The 2012 Flow M9-SE Orange  bindings are supercharged to make sure you and Flow’s team riders stay on top of their game, no matter where, when, or what is being shredded. The Snug Fit molded base plate delivers a precise connection between boot and binding.
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New for 2012 the M9 SE  bindings offer a three piece modular hiback has an Aluminum heel-cup to stay in control, but a low-durometer TWEAK.6 Support Panel for a softer flex in the top-zone, allowing maximum flexibility, and which can rotate medially or laterally for dialing in a custom feel. Packed with SLA adjustment, lightweight Nylon baseplates and toolless strap adjustment, the 2011 2012 M9-SE binding will ensure that no matter where or what you ride, you’ll always be on top of your game.

Products that go great with the 2012 M9-SE bindings include the 2012 Flow Shifty Snowboard and the 2012 Rift Quickfit boots. Don’t forget to check out our buy more save more snowboard sale.

Flow Bindings Technology. Flow Bindings Size Chart.

Flow Bindings Technology

M9 SE Snowboard Binding Technology

Airframe Miniratchet: The locking Airfram MINIratchet buckes to provide micro adjustment of the 3D PowerStrap.

Free Snaplock: For tool-less forward-lean micro-adjustment, without even getting out of your bindings.

Combi-Disk: For both 4X4 and 3HP hole patterns, plus both stance width and toe-heel offset adjustability.

Channel-M6 Disk: Separate disks are available for all current Flow models.

Adjustable Landing Pad: Optimizes boot to board energy transfer and provides amazing foot support.

S.L.A. (Synchronous Length Adjustment): Allows for hiback centering and rotation while maintaining ideal PowerTriangle geometry for every hiback position.

M-Series Baseplate: Flow’s high-performance, luxury model binding offers all the bells and whistles to the rider who prefers the feel of a molded plastic baseplate. With “Snug-fit” design, the connection between board, boot and binding is as precise as it has ever been and makes for a smooth ride across the board, while the fiber reinforced Nylon in the baseplate and the Ventilated hiback make the M-Series one of the most responsive bindings in Flow’s hierarchy.

Modular Hiback: Get your jib on with the TWEAK.6 and TWEAK.7 top-section on our three-zone modular hiback.

Flex Zone: Get your jib on with the TWEAK.6 and TWEAK.7 top-section on our three-zone modular hiback.

I-Flex STrap: Ideal flex for freestylers and all-mountain riders. 3D molded core and internal multiple-panel frame for precise form-fitting to any type of boot. Deep side cutouts for freedom of movement.

EVA Landing Pad And Adjustable Landing Pad: The cushiony EVA dampens your landings and absorbs chatter to ease your feet. Fine-tune the landing pads to fit the size of your boots and get maximum contact-area for maximum control.

2012 Flow M9 SE Binding Features:

  • 30% glass filled Nylon lightweight M-series base plate
  • Synchronous Length Adjustment (SLA)
  • Movable toe ramp and EVA cushioning pads
  • 15% glass filled Nylon Ventilated hiback
  • Free+ Snaplock
  • I-Flex Power strap
  • 2 locking Airframe MINI ratchets
  • Medial toolless coarse adjustment
  • Low-friction Ladder Guides


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Feel free to select your size here or you can visit the exact product posting below:

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