I Want That!: How We All Became Shoppers

I Want That!: How We All Became Shoppers

Shopping has a lot in common with sex.
Just about everybody does it.
Some people brag about how well they do it.
Some keep it a secret.
And both provide ample opportunities
to make foolish choices.
Choosing and using objects is a primal human activity, and I Want That! is nothing less than a portrait of humanity as the species that shops. It explores the history of acquisition -- finding, choosing, spending -- from our amber-coveting Neolithic forebears to Renaissance nobles who outfitted themselves for power to twenty-first-century bargain hunters looking for a good buy on eBay. I Want That! explores the minds of shoppers in the quest to nourish and feed fantasies, to define individuality, to provide for family, and to satisfy the needs for celebration, power, and choice -- all of which lead us to malls, boutiques, websites, and superstores.

Title:I Want That!: How We All Became Shoppers
Edition Language:English
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    I Want That!: How We All Became Shoppers Reviews

  • Erica

    Fascinating view into the social and cultural history and meaning of shopping and objects. Light and short enough to educate while entertaining. ...

  • Jenna

    A great interdisciplinary overview of shopping and consumption. I love microhistories and material culture books such as this. My one critique is at points it seemed to fall into the nostalgia trap of...

  • Andrea

    As one who shops as little as possible, I went into this book expecting at least a sprinkling of anti-shopping grist. I didn't find that at all. In fact, I found the opposite. Hines asserts early on i...

  • Stephanie

    I felt like reading a book that included the influence of culture in consumer psychology. This book definitely delivered with some interesting tidbits as well.XIV Intro: "Being a good consumer is an i...

  • Bill

    In his book "Populuxe" (1986), Thomas Hine provided a lively autopsy of that 1950s-60s period of huge, finned autos, Mid-Century Modern furniture and living arrangements, turquoise and pink kitchen su...

  • Vicki

    I Want That! is a surprisingly readable and entertaining treatise on shopping. It's a history book with humor an insight into a very basic human activity. Author Thomas Hine also explores how sales ta...

  • Alexandra

    I wish there was an option to give half-stars. My rating would rest soundly between two and three stars. It was okay, but it wasn't great.Like some other reviewers here pointed out, there are no great...

  • Jeb

    This book explains the human desire to acquire and select goods, tracing it back to when cave men hunted wild game and women gathered roots. It explained this in the very first chapter, which I found ...

  • Mkb

    Fun, but not as good as Populuxe! It would make a nice enrichment reading for a history of ancient culture course as Hine addresses the anthropology of objects and their acquisition....

  • Joe Otto

    I sorta just skimmed that last half. Not that interesting to me. Normally I'm a fan of Thomas Hine but this book wasn't my fav. ...