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Luxe Coiler BLK/GLD size 6.5 snowboard Boots

Luxe Coiler BLK/GLD 6.5

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Luxe Coiler BLK/GLD size 6 snowboard Boots

Snowboard Boot Size Chart Womens

The most accurate conversion of your shoe size to Flow boot sizes is done through Centimeters (CM).  Simply, find the most comfortable pair of shoes that you own and look for the size tag on the inside.  On the tag should reference a “CM” size.  Just take the “CM” size of your shoe and match it to the “CM” on our Flow Snowboard Boot Size Chart.  The US boot size located on the same row will be the appropriate boot size to order.  **Note**  Modern snowboard socks are likely the same thickness or…”slightly” thicker than your average cotton sock.

If you are not sure what size boot you need, please visit your local shoe store and have them measure your foot in “CM” and we would be happy to help you match your foot length to the correct boot size!

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