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Flow NXT-AT WHITE XL X-Large Snowboard Bindings 2011 2012

Flow NXT-AT WHITE XL X-Large Snowboard Bindings 2011 2012

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Flow NXT-AT WHITE XL X-Large Snowboard Bindings 2011 2012

The Flow NXT-AT bindings (NXTAT bindings) 2011 2012 are an All Mountain/Freestyle  Snowboard Binding.

The 2011 2012 Flow NXT-AT Bindings  are one of the most popular men’s Flow snowboard bindings with the Flow pro team, and if they love it, then why do we keep adding to it? Cause they’ll love it more. For 2012 Flow has added some new features that will make this binding unstoppable. The Flow NXT-AT’s 15% glass-filled Nylon Ventilated hiback, mounted with the Free+ Snap-lock for enhanced performance and adjustability, is now topped off with an extra cushy wrapped EVA-pad that hugs around the edges to avoid pressure points on those icy, hard pack days. Team tested, team approved, the Flow NXT AT 2012 Men’s Snowboard Binding is the rider’s choice.

Flow Bindings Technology

Flow NXT AT Binding  Features:

The unique design of the rockered aluminum baseplate is lightweight and offers sharper response, letting the snowboard flex naturally.

The 15% fiver-reinforced DuPont Zytel hiback is responsive but flexible enough for some freestyle tweaks, and the Kush Kontrol EVA-pad allows for extra pressure to the lateral edge.

The I-Flex Power Strap with deep side cutouts provides ideal flex for freestylers and all-mountain riders, while the 3D-shape gives a direct boot-to-binding-to-board feel for those powerful toe-side turns.

4 Airframe MINI ratchets allows you to adjust the foot strap to individual preferences at each corner, SLA maintains Power Triangle geometry at every setting and allows hiback rotation. EVA base pads, moveable landing pads and wrapped Kush Kontrol hiback pads add all the cushioning and dampening you need.

2012 Flow NXT AT Snowboard Binding Technology:

  • Forged Aluminum Alloy base plate with rocker
  • KushPad shock-absorbing base pad
  • Independently adjustable toe and heel landing pads with EVA
  • Synchronous Length Adjustment (SLA)
  • 15% glass-filled Nylon Ventilated hiback with wrapped KushControl EVA-pad
  • Free+ Snap lock
  • I-Flex Power Strap with 4 locking Airframe MINI ratchets and low-friction Ladder Guides

The Flow NXT-AT Bindings  2012 come in three sizes. If you aren’t sure which size NXT AT bindings  you need, view our Flow Snowboard Bindings size chart.

The  NXT-AT Binding stiffness, on a scale of 1 to 5, is about a 4.5. The NXT AT Binding have a relatively stiff flex for total control in all situations.

Click Here for the Flow NXT Disc set for the Burton Infinite Channel System

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